ContentAsia Summit 2021


25-27 August 2021

The annual CONTENTASIA SUMMIT, the leading conference for the premium video entertainment industry in Asia, takes place online on 25-27 August 2021
The second annual ContentAsia Awards happen on the evening of Friday, 27 August. More info at
The ContentAsia Summit World will be open 24/7 for a month after the live event, with sessions on-demand, reports, data, insights and a wealth of intelligence to fill delegates' virtual "swag bag".


This year’s ContentAsia Summit will explore the twists and turns currently shaping Asia’s content environment, looking at the trends, influences & challenges of the most nail-biting scenarios the industry has ever experienced.      

Whodunit: Production/Co-production

Production quality in Asia has risen dramatically, forced up by Netflix’s stringent global tech specs and storytelling demands and the rising tide that is carrying everyone along with it, as well as bigger budgets for premium drama and greater access to more markets. If production houses in Asia struggled at first, they, like the essential transformation of the best-loved fictional characters, have and continue to come around. This discussion stream focuses on premium drama being made in Asia and a cross-section of people behind the upsizing of the region’s production industry.  

Twists & Turns: Asia’s new distribution scene

The distribution story in Asia has, like everywhere, changed significantly in the past few years. On the back of ContentAsia’s new survey into the trends and influences impacting content licensing and acquisitions in Asia, the series of conversations explores the changes and what’s behind them, and how rights holders are adapting to an environment with shifting opportunities across the spectrum. 

Interpreting the clues: The data

Content gut feel, instict and experience continues to be enhanced with data science. In partnership with Media Partners Asia (MPA), Ampd, and Parrot Analytics, ContentAsia takes an in-depth look at demand, preferences and consumption across markets and programming in Asia. 

Powers of observation: ContentAsia’s Formats Outlook

ContentAsia’s rolling formats research, published since 2013, looks at the state of the Formats industry in Asia. The 2021 update, released for the ContentAsia Summit, looks at adaptations in Asia from January to June 2021, how this compares to 2020, what’s coming for the rest of the year, and how formats rights holders are thinking about the next 12 months. 

PLUS... a whole lot more coming soon 💥 

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About the ContentAsia Summit

The ContentAsia Summit launched in 2009 as a one-day focus on all the issues impacting Asia’s content industry. The event has  expanded since but the mission is the same: to create a dedicated space to talk face-to-face about the content ecosystem and the innovation and strategies driving entertainment companies in an increasingly connected universe.

The goal, as usual, is to showcase content as the value creator it is, and to present a unique, independent agenda firmly grounded in ContentAsia’s day-to-day interaction through the year with the industry on the ground in Asia and with global companies operating growing content businesses in the region.

The ContentAsia Summit is organised by ContentAsia, an Asia-based information resource that covers content creation, funding, financing, licensing, distribution, design and branding, and technology across the Asia region.


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