Vivek Couto

Co-founder & Executive Director, Media Partners Asia (MPA)

Vivek Couto
Co-founder and Executive Director, Media Partners Asia (MPA)

Vivek Couto is co-founder and director of Media Partners Asia (MPA), the leading provider of information services on media and telecoms sectors in Asia Pacific. With offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and India, MPA focuses on all key sub sectors within media, including television content and distribution with a focus on research reports, consulting services comprising custom-made market research services alongside due diligence related research for mergers and acquisitions. MPA also organises market leading regional and local events focused on TV, broadband, and advertising.

Playing through the Pandemic: Rise of the Streaming Video

12:00 PM

Traditional television still attracts enormous amounts of money, SVOD additions in key markets are at a record high, affordable pricing and the adoption of more services is helping to drive scale, cross consumption among OTT platforms is growing, OTT entertainment investment is soaring with local originals a key growth peg for future winners, and streaming minutes are through the roof across Southeast Asia. Vivek Couto, Media Partners Asia's (MPA) Executive Director, looks at what's playing through the pandemic.