Manoj Punjabi

Founder & CEO, MD Corp (Indonesia)

An influential personality in the forefront of Indonesian cinema, Manoj Punjabi is Indonesia’s most commercially successful film and television producer as well as the founder and CEO of MD Corp, Indonesia’s largest film company. Manoj Punjabi is responsible for 6 of the top 20 of Indonesia’s highest grossing box-office films, record breaking soap operas, as well as the popularization of an entire movie genre (horror) in Indonesia.

Aside from countless big screen films and television shows, Manoj has also diversified into music, animation, and of late, has established himself as the most prominent digital content producer in Indonesia, quickly garnering the largest market share. Manoj Punjabi has become one of the most influential trendsetters of Indonesian pop-culture, and is thereby responsible for broadening perspectives and shaping Indonesian society.