Alice Chang

Vice President, TAICCA

Alice Chang
Vice President, Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA)

Taiwan: Scaling up its story

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In the past year alone, Taiwan's two-year-old government-backed agency Taiwan Creative Content Agency (Taicca) has, among many other initiatives, invested in local production house Screenworks Asia, which plans to produce 100 hours of premium content a year; supported a Creative Content Fest that, among other successes, put hundreds of thousands of dollars into LGBTQ+ original productions; built a full-scale medical film studio, complete with waiting rooms and cashiers counters, to fill gaps in the country's locations; and stepped up to fund multiple incubation, development and grants designed to boost Taiwan's film and television output. Set up in mid-2019, TAICCA had by end 2020 seen NT$328.75 million of private funding promoted through its Cultural Content Investment Project, including investment in ContentAsia Awards' winner Studio76, and helped cultural content enterprises raise funding of NT$954.85 million. This has, the agency says, laid the foundation for a forward-looking, innovative and market-orientated ecosystem for Taiwan's content industry. Why now and what's the end game? TAICCA Vice President, Alice Chang, talks to ContentAsia about what the agency is hoping for and how it plans to get there.