Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend the event?
The ContentAsia Summit 2021 – “The Plot Thickens” is open to all. Registration and payment details are at

Where will the event be held?
Our virtual venue is at The venue has all the essential elements of the physical world – a lobby, auditorium, exhibition hall, a lounge, suites, meeting areas, and a help desk, among other spaces, for you to click your way around. You can participate from anywhere that you have internet access. The event is accessible from desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

Where and when can I register?
Online registrations are open until 27 August 2021, with full access until 27 September. If you would like to register for on-demand access after the live event is over, please email us at [email protected]

Can I invite my colleagues to attend the event?
Yes you can. Details at

How do I log in to the virtual ContentAsia Summit platform?
If you have registered and made payment, your login details will be emailed to you ahead of the event. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] or Whatsapp us at +65 9152 8164

Do I need to download or install any software to be able to attend this event?
No. You only need to have internet access.

Is a webcam required?

Who will I be able to chat with inside the virtual venue?
Anyone who is inside the venue at the same time as you. There’s a general chat function as well as the option to chat with people inside Suites and Booths. And of course there’s our bot-free help line manned by real people.

Who do I contact if I have troubleshooting issues during the event?
You can either email our help desk at [email protected], Or, if you are already inside the Virtual Venue, you can click on the Help button and a live person will be there to guide you.

Will I be able to download and keep information or brochures from the event?
Yes. You can add all of the documents available to the online “swag bag” in your account and then email them to yourself or share items with your colleagues simply by entering their email address.

The times for the live events are not convenient for me. Can I still participate?
Yes. The ContentAsia Summit’s virtual environment will be accessible until 27 September 2021. All sessions are available on demand, Booths and Suites will be live and you can browse to your heart’s content, view all the trailers and full episodes and generally do everything you would have been able to do during the live event with the exception of asking questions during the live sessions and chatting live with delegates.

Where can get information about the ContentAsia Awards?
Everything you need to know about the ContentAsia Awards is at We’re also at [email protected] in case you need extra info.