Stephen Laslocky

Vice President, Media Partners Asia (MPA)

Stephen Laslocky
Vice President, Media Partners Asia

With 20 years of experience in media, Steve focuses on research and consulting services in content creation, TV broadcasting, theatrical exhibition and advertsing sectors.

His key markets include Southeast Asia, Australia, China, and Korea. He specializes in corporate strategy, competitive benchmarking, asset appraisal, independent valuation, M&A-related commercial due diligence and IPO-related independent media consultant activities.

Previously, Steve served as Senior Vice President, Strategy & Business Development at News Corporation in Asia for more than five years and worked as a senior executive at ANTV in Indonesia. Based in Hong Kong, Steve has graduate and post-graduate degrees from Middlebury College and the University of Chicago.

Content by numbers: Who’s spending what, where, why & how in Asia

09:00 AM

Video content creation has become a US$10 billion industry across India, Korea and Southeast Asia, home to some of Asia’s most important production hubs. Each territory offers unique opportunities and challenges for content creators and distributors, as competitive dynamics are reshaped by increased choice and competition. Media Partners Asia’s Stephen Laslocky evaluates key drivers for TV, online video and movie investment across this varied landscape, as content budgets continue to grow.