Jay Ji

CEO, Huayi Brothers Korea and Huayi Investment

Jay Ji,
CEO, Huayi Brothers Korea and Huayi Investment

Huayi Brothers Korea is Korean outpost of Huayi Brothers Media Group, the largest
entertainment conglomerate in China. Since its establishment in 2005, Huayi Brothers Korea
has led the Korean entertainment industry for the past 10 years through discovering and
fostering new talents.

The company will take lead as Asia’s number one comprehensive entertainment company by
growing together with its own actors and also create future value through the production of
movies, television dramas, soundtrack etc. based on its management business and other
adjacent businesses.

Huayi Investment:
Huayi Investment is the investment arm of Huayi Brothers Korea. It is a venture capital
focusing on original IPs as well as media content companies. Huayi Investment will provide a
unique position to both its investors and portfolio firms alike, creating both strategic and
financial value.

A Higher Purpose: Smart Money and Worthy Goals

Thursday 7 September 2017-61

03:10 PM03:40 PM

"There's always enough smart money -- producers just need to learn to be more lean and scaleable, and not expect financiers to take up heavy-lifting on their overheads," says Aurora Media Holdings' Group Managing Partner and Head of Investments. Agree? Disagree? Both of the above? A discussion on the state of original production funding and financing in Asia in 2017, including a look at the money supply and where it's going and, if there's not enough, why and what can be done about it; whether (or not) streaming platforms are the next great hope for producers in Asia; finding new money and resources and raising awareness for diversity and a broader range of stories; and ideas sharing on how the industry could be thinking about funding more originals.