Jane Jimenez-Basas

President & CEO, Cignal TV, Inc.

Jane Jimenez-Basas
President & CEO at Cignal TV, Inc.

Jane Jimenez-Basas, CEO and President of Cignal TV Inc, leads the biggest and
fastest growing pay TV company in the Philippines. Cignal TV has close to two million subscribers.  

Jimenez-Basas continues to steer the company to innovative pursuits for sustainable growth and continued relevance, including a new foray into original Filipino content production aimed at multi-platform delivery. In driving this initiative, she aims to enrich the Cignal brand and expand the access of Filipinos globally to fresh, high-quality, intelligent, and thought-provoking content.
Before she joined Cignal, Jimenez-Basas made her mark as a successful leader when, as Smart Telecommunication’s Group Head for Prepaid Marketing, Talk N’ Text Prepaid became the number one brand in the Philippines.

She has also held leadership roles at Media5, Globe Telecom, ABS-CBN HK, BayanTel and Citibank N.A.
Cignal TV Inc. is a subsidiary of MediaQuest Holdings. MediaQuest Holdings is
the media arm of the PLDT Group of Companies.


Thursday 7 September 2017-61

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Cignal TV in the Philippines has a brand new stand-alone original production unit and a slew of high-profile creative partnerships, ambitions to create everything from TV series and mobile-first shorts to full-length theatrical features, and a determination to be creatively bolder and braver. Plus there's the new windowing ecosystem designed for visibility on all platforms including OTT/streaming and digital terrestrial, and a determination to repeat last year's 20% growth in subs and viewership. A year into her role as President and Chief Executive Officer, Jane Jiminez-Basas, talks about taking Cignal into a space inspired on all levels by regional giants, global streamers, and the confidence that Cignal can be part of the push towards 35% subscription-video penetration in the Philippines. "Our ambition is to shift what we are about... we want to go beyond that, to produce relevant, fresh and intelligent content that we can deliver across all pipes," she says.

Asia Media Woman of the Year Dinner, celebrating Jane Jimenez-Basas, President & Chief Executive Officer, Cignal TV, Philippines

Thursday 7 September 2017-61

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